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Google denies altering YouTube code to slow down Microsoft Edge

Google has denied it altered YouTube code to break Microsoft Edge, thus slowing down its performance while users streamed YouTube videos -- a claim made by a former Microsoft intern. Microsoft Edge is a graphical web browser included in Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One devices, replacing Internet Explorer as the default web browser. According to a report in The Verge on Wednesday, Google disputed the claims made by Joshua Bakita, a former software engineering intern at Microsoft, who said that the company added a “hidden empty div over YouTube videos” that slowed down streaming on Microsoft Edge. According to Google, it merely fixed a bug in YouTube. “YouTube does not add code designed to defeat optimizations in other browsers, and works quickly to fix bugs when theya¿re discovered,” a YouTube spokesperson was quoted as saying. Microsoft, however, was yet to comment on the specific claim made by its former intern. “Google has been a helpful partner and we look forward to th…

Samsung’s 5G network grab gets boost with Huawei, ZTE under fire

Samsung Electronics Co. is making a new push in the market for wireless network infrastructure. This time, the South Korean electronics giant’s timing may be just right.
Mounting concerns in Europe and elsewhere about letting China’s ZTE Corp. and Huawei Technologies Co. provide vital components for fifth-generation cellular networks have coincided with Samsung’s ambition to capture 20% of the global market by 2020. In the US, where Chinese vendors are already banned, Samsung has won deals for 5G gear from three of four major carriers. “There are certainly concerns that are spreading beyond the U.S. markets into areas where those vendors may have greater share or more customer wins with large operators,” Alok Shah, a vice president of networks strategy at Samsung, said of the company’s Chinese rivals in a phone interview. 5G is one of several emerging technologies that the conglomerate singled out in August as a target for 25 trillion won ($22 billion) in investments. It represents a n…

Watch “Acoustic Tweezers” Use Sound to Levitate Multiple Objects

Wingardium Leviosa A pair of researchers didn’t need a Harry Potter spell to levitate multiple objects at once. They just needed the power of sound waves. In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday, researchers Asier Marzo Pérez of the Public University of Navarra and Bruce Drinkwater from the University of Bristol describe how they were able to use sound to levitate multiple objects independently of one another — a never-before-accomplished feat the researchers say could lead to next-generation medical procedures. Acoustic Tweezers The duo started by building two arrays, each featuring 256 tiny speakers just one centimeter in diameter. Next, they placed those arrays on opposite walls with the speakers facing inward. Finally, they placed a sound-reflective surface on the ground between the arrays. Using a computer, the researchers could cause the speakers to emit sound waves in the 40-kilohertz range. By manipulating the sound waves using a …

PUBG Mobile Vikendi snow map update: 5 things you need to know

PUBG Mobile’s latest snow map update is finally here. The update also features the much-awaited Vikendi map. Users can now download the new update on their Android and iOS smartphones. PUBG Mobile’s Vikendi map (version 0.10.0) is a new 6x6 snow map along with exclusive snowmobile vehicles. You can also play snowball fight Vikendi’s spawn island. If you haven’t tried out the new map yet, here are five things you need to know. Difficult map
The new snow map ups the difficulty level with lesser number of places to hide. The 6km x 6km snow map allows you to take shelter at a new rocket base. But the terrain with snow and fewer trees makes it slightly more difficult for users compared to other maps. New vehicle 
Just like previous maps, Vikendi brings a new snowmobile vehicle. You can use the vehicle for your defense as well. For instance, you can drift it in the snow to take your opponents by surprise. If used well, you can dodge bullets as well. ALSO READ: Tips to get ‘chicken dinner’ rewa…