Future Android Q phones might feature iOS like Home button for navigation

Last year Google introduced new gesture mode with Android Pie, there were many mix review about the gesture navigation. According to leaks, the company has realized that and now working on revamped navigation gesture of Android Q which was obtained back in January.
In Android 9 Pie the three button Navigation system was replaced by 2 button system, Google removed the recent app button and the back button was kept as it is. The home button was also modified and changed into a gesture pill. But this time it seems that Google is having a good chance to kill the dedicated back button. This information is based on a pre-release build of Android Q and it might change in the stable build.
According to the reports, Google is experimenting with two major changes in the Android Q by replacing the dedicated back button from the gesture navigation and improving the fluidity of the "last app" transition animation. Moreover, users will not be able to disable the gesture to return to the vertical card recent apps.
According to xda developers here's how the experimental gestures work in Android Q:
Tap pill: Go home
Long press pill: Launch Google Assistant
Short swipe up of the pill: Open horizontal recent apps overview
Long swipe up of the pill: App drawer
Slide pill to the right: Scroll through recent apps
Quick slide pill to the right: Open last app
Slide pill to the left: Go back
However, its hight unpredictable what Google is going to integrate into the new gesture navigation on the Android Q final build.


It seems that Google is trying to make the navigation gesture more like the one available in iOS and try to get rid of the three button navigation keys which usually take a dedicated amount of screen. Let's see how this experiment will work and what is the final outcome.


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